Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Periscope on the Peach!

What is Periscope?
     * Periscope is way to share and broadcast live videos from any where in the world.
     * It is LIKE snapchat  .... but videos!
     * It is linked with Twitter - search the app store for periscope and download!
         *If you do not have a Twitter account - you can sign up for periscope using your phone number
           (see here)

For the classroom -
You can create a separate periscope account and give out your user name to your parents. They can follow you and once you broadcast - chose to broadcast only to followers. **I have not done this** There may be some kinks to work out - practice before going live and don't show faces just to be sure!

Full Disclosure -
I learned about this app while I was in Vegas at the tpt conference. My reaction - another thing to keep track of.... BUT .... In the middle of one of my insomniac moments the other night I downloaded the app and started watching some videos. Now I am kind of addicted. (just a little)

Why I love it -
I have ALWAYS wished that I could visit other classrooms, see how teachers organize things, how they teach content.... this app allows me a glimpse into other classrooms and allows me to see live video of bloggers I have followed for years! I watched Missy Squirrels crochet today, watched Kindergarten Smorgasbord organize centers, and learned about grant writing tips from Jennifer at Rowdy in First Grade. (Talk about some personalized professional development!)

Here are a few graphics to guide you through the app.... There are still some things that I haven't figured out (who gets what colored hearts? I want blue hearts... all. the. time.) I'm not sure if there is a time limit to the broadcast.... And there is a little delay if you are switching from the front camera to the back camera...... AND you have to have some pretty strong internet reception. (trying to periscope inside walmart was a bust....) :)

 I put an x on the globe just because I don't use it at all. If you want to see what is out there - click away friends! 

Thanks for joining me! I hope this has helped! See you on periscope! :)