Sunday, October 16, 2016

Zombie Apocalypse--Peach Style

Imagine, if you will...

a classroom full of actively, engaged students, working collaboratively towards a goal of prepping for a

Not so scary if you are using the CDC's Handbook- Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic!
The CDC uses the zombie theme to educate and express the importance of being prepared and putting together an emergency preparedness kit.  

I teach the gifted students and am constantly looking for ways to keep them engaged and use higher order thinking skills.  Using the CDC handbook to start the organization process, I am teaching my upper elementary (not recommended for younger children) life skills - no, not the survival of the Zombie Apocalypse kind- the collaborative and research kind.

The lesson is presented as a through a zombie apocalypse threat is imminent.  The students, at a minimum can write a speech advising the community about what actions to take to save the remaining member of the town.  Some extension activities I am doing are creating a chain of command, approaching it as a proactive or a reactive scenario,

The CDC has provided a fantastic guide for us to use in our classes.  Here is a link to the CDC handbook.  Here is a link to the lesson guide from MaryGrove College. Have fun!!

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