Thursday, November 24, 2016

I can do that with Kahoot?

Do you use Kahoot in your classroom? Are you looking for new ideas to engage your students.  Blind Kahoot, Ghost Mode and Team Kahoot are just a few ways to change up your Kahoot routine.
Blind Kahoot is a cool way to introduce new content to your students. It’s “blind” because students have limited knowledge of the topic.  Here is the template used for Blind Kahoots.

Here is a video explaining the Blind Kahoot.
Team Kahoot mode is a great way to foster collaboration in your class. 
Photo credit: Kahoot

Players form small teams, with one device per team. Then find a Kahoot you want to play and select the "Play" button. Next, choose "Team Mode" to start playing. 
Credit: Kahoot

Have the team captains(students holding the devices) add their team’s name and each players’ nicknames.
Credit: Kahoot
Have you tried Ghost Mode? This is where students can compete against themselves from a previous game. After you finish a Kahoot, select the “Play Again” button (with the ghost icon). 
Credit: Kahoot
The same game is comes up and students play live along with their ghosts.  The ghost answers will be the same as the previous game.  What a great way to show growth!

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