Thursday, January 19, 2017

Classroom Birthday Celebrations - How do you do it?

Happy New Year Peachy People!

   It's 2017 and I always like to start off a new year with MY BIRTHDAY!! That's right, yesterday was my 47th biggest birthday yet. That other milestone is looming closer and closer every year. I'm already throwing out ideas for that big blowout. We'll see which one takes hold.

   Which brings me to my topic of conversation for today's post. How do you celebrate your students' birthdays? Do you make a big deal about it? Quietly give them a hug and move on?

  I've done a few things in the past, but nothing feels really special enough to make that one kid feel like today is the best day to come to school.

  Here are some of my past ideas:
*I have a large "Happy Birthday" sign that came with some bulletin board kit years ago that I break out and put on their desk before they arrive.

*I bought a stack of "Happy Birthday" postcards and on the day I pass one around the room for everyone to sign and then give it to that birthday student.

*Our school let's the kids come up and get a birthday ribbon on the morning news announcements.

*Give everyone a half sheet of computer paper and let them write out a message to the birthday student and then illustrate the page. We bind them all together for a birthday book.

*Our new principal has finally lifted the ten year ban on birthday cupcakes at our school. Parents are now free to bring in treats for the whole class. Those with allergies, I try to provide a different treat choice.

Yesterday I decorated my room with streamers and gave out party favors with a SpongeBob theme. The kids love telling me about Gary, the snail on that show. So I thought the theme was spot on. I told them we would be celebrating my birthday all week.

If you look back at the first picture on this post you'll see yellow balloons on the ceiling. I filled six of them with little slips of paper with a special prize. I told them that if we had a good day we would pop one and have the prize the next day.

I can celebrate my special day with the best of them, but I want to find some things to celebrate their special day. And maybe that doesn't mean a lot of work on my end.

I did some research online to find the answer. I found TeachJunkie's post with 9 easy suggestions. I like the one about the silly straws.

Realmomnutrition gave some ideas for a food-free way to celebrate. Her VIP for the week idea could help bring in more parents and improve communications.

If that isn't enough here's a Pinterest board with 1000+ ideas for celebrating student birthdays. That recycled crayon Lego mold looks so cool!

What would you try?