Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sharing Sunday: Kindergarten Assessments

Hi, y'all! I'm Jayne from Smart Kids. Today I'm sharing some valuable assessment help especially for Kindergarten teachers. If you're not a K teacher, please share this post with kinder teachers you know because this info is going to save them TONS of time and sanity on their GKIDS (if you're in GA), SLOS, GLOS and report cards. 

Here's the scoop. A while back I discovered ESGI—an online assessment tool for early childhood teachers. Next I made a test or tracking tool for EVERY standard included in the Kindergarten Georgia Performance Standards. There's more...I titled all of these tests so that they would match the GKIDS descriptions. (FYI for followers of the CCSS: The Georgia standards are almost identical, so keep reading!) 
Here's what my own ESGI looks like:

For every math unit of study I made a test tab. These units are based on the sequence provided by the Georgia Department of Education.

For every area of the ELA curriculum, I made a test tab.

If you could peek into my own test explorer section, you would see a test for every standard that we enter into GKIDS. The name of each test matches the name on the GKIDS site.

For the benefits of how to track all these tests and print reports, you can see a post on my Smart Kids blog from March 9, 2014.

Here's a peek at one child's SLO scores (with the hidden, of course!).

Also a glimpse into my class report (Again, I've hidden the names.) This makes it easy to complete report cards.

You'll see information on the customer support page about how to get to my tests! You can also click here for a list of my tests.

Here's the great news. Even if you don't subscribe, you can get help on your assessments this year. Just sign up for the 60 day trial! You can use the tests as you wrap up your year and get ready for your GKIDS report or report cards! 

Click here and be sure to use promo code B6336 so you save $40.