Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Technology Tuesday - Resizing Printed Pages

Hello, Peachy friends!  I'm Meghan from Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris.

Whew!  I've worked all day moving my classroom/office into an office/closet.  Downsizing is not for the organized at heart.  To many decisions to trash, store, or keep were made today, but I'm happy to say we only have 3 days left of the school year!  Yay!  It's Technology Tuesday and today I am bringing you a little tip for resizing printable!

Is there anything more annoying that printing out a center and finding that not everyone in the group has space to participate? I love board games, but most of the time the kids end up knocking over their players, fighting over not being able to see or sliding the board around
so much we forget where we are or the purpose of the lesson. Not anymore sweet friends!


Wow!  Can you see that difference?  Take another look...


Before on the 1 page printed board game, the game pieces were crowded and didn't have room for them to all be on the start spot.  BAM!  FIXED IT!


It's all about how you print the file!  The files are all designed (hopefully) with high quality clipart that is able to be blown up to many times the file size.  Open the file and find the board game you are wanting to print.


That's it friends!  You have the perfect sized board games now for you and your students to enjoy!  #nofights  #teacherwins   Thanks for reading!

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