Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Good Peachy morning to y'all.

It's Gary from
Today's Technology Tuesday comes to you from a staff development I attended this summer.  I'm going to share with you a program called ThingLink that I think you'll find interesting.
You have plans to choose from. The free one allows you to enter up to 100 students, so you could probably use this account for a few years, eh?
 When you sign up in the free account, you are allowed ONE group that you can enter up to 100 students to. There are two ways to do this, send students a code for them to sign up with their own email accounts, or 'register' each student yourself. If you register them, make sure you print out the page with logins and passwords. They are very funky and I didn't find a way to create unique codes.
It basically allows you to use any photo (from the web, from a computer upload) and attach 'tags' to it and then share with others. You can add sentences, other images, links, and videos. I'm sure you could also have your students record a report piece that you could then attach as well, but I haven't figured that one out yet.
Here's one I created for Paul Revere. You can click over the little colored dots to see what I've added. You have to upgrade to the paid account to get access to other than just some basic tag icons, but I think students would waste too much time trying to decide which icon to use than finishing their work.


Think of all the fun you could have with this software. Book reports would no longer be boring, research could come alive, All About Me pages could be so much more interactive, and parents could see a lot more of what you do in the classroom.