Sunday, June 14, 2015

Organizational Tips and Tools: Linky Party!

Hello fabulous peaches! It's Jessica (jivey) from Ideas By Jivey! The authors here at The Primary Peach know how teacher brains work (since ours are doing the same thing yours are!) - you are already thinking about how to get organized for next year, aren't you? Every Sunday this summer, we will be sharing some ideas on how to get organized, and we would love for you to link up and share with us! This linky will be open all summer, so please feel free to join us anytime!
I am starting off this Sunday with Math Workshop Stations Organization!

I looooove the rainbow drawer carts-
...and although you might be perfectly fine to spend $41 on it, I believe you can find them at Sam's for only $25! (If you have or know someone who has a membership!) There is some assembly, but it is super easy!

Each of my stations were color-coded, so the students knew exactly what drawer to visit. I put everything they need for that station in that drawer, and they can either take out the entire drawer and take it to their spot, or just take out what they need.
I organize all of my math games so that they are ready to be played by a pair of students.
In a gallon bag, I put all the materials they need for a game- dry erase markers, cards, dice, game boards, erasers... it's all there. All they have to do is clean up properly, and then the next day, the next pair will be ready to play the game, too! Then, when I store my games that aren't in use, I remove the markers, erasers, etc, and just put the bags into my "game basket" so it's easy for me next time to just grab it!

You could easily do this with any subject where you use stations. This drawer cart was a lifesaver for me because I used to have bins on a shelf that just took up too much room. And aren't Ziploc bags a teacher's best friend?? :o)