Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall Favorites and Freebies {and they all fall down}

Hey all! 
It's Tara from and they all fall down
We are starting a brand new blog series here at the Primary Peach this month!  Yahoo!  Each author will be sharing a fall favorite and an exclusive freebie just for you!  We will also be running THREE different giveaways this month!

I'm here to tell you about some of my fall favorites...
Fall is my ABSOLUTE 
{hands down}
FAVORITE time of the year. 
I am a HUGE college football fan and my Saturdays are infinitely better when I hear the crush of pads and helmets on my TV. My team is a little bit unpopular here in Georgia.... but I was born and raised in Florida.... so.... :) 
I get a fair bit of hazing for being such a big Gator fan... (see Exhibit A)
I need to come up with a clever way to get these jokers back! Any ideas? 
Exhibit A....
Here is my freebie for you!
We have been learning about double digit addition
wait for it...
That's right... 
Eight weeks into second grade and we are learning addition with regrouping. 
I made this cute little coloring sheet to help reinforce our learning! 
Click on the picture or here to download.

Thanks for joining me at the peach today! Check back soon for more freebies and favorites from our other authors! :) 

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