Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fall Favorites and Freebies - ScrappyGuy

There some eerily good stuff going on at the Primary Peach in October. Definitely check out this Giveaway!

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October is always a fun month for me. Halloween is my second favorite holiday besides the obvious choice. I don't wait for the big night though to have fun. I spend the month huddled on my couch watching scary movie after scary movie.

Of course I have to watch a comedy or something irreverent before going to bed. Otherwise I have weird dreams. Then I fall asleep too early the next day to watch more scary movies.

Why am I oversharing? Because I have another favorite for you this month. Schools aren't really big on celebrating Halloween and I really miss all the fun I remember from my childhood. Picking out the costumes, the parades, and endless candy. It was awesome.

I found a way around I t though. I don't celebrate Halloween, I celebrate Pumpkin Day!

Two weeks before the 31st I send home a request for parents to send in a Pumpkin of any size. Just as long as their child can carry it in by themselves. I challenge the students to pick their favorite book characters and decorate their pumpkins to represent their character. They come up with some super funny pumpkins, let me tell you!

We also do the usual of weighing, measuring, and floating our pumpkins. Then we predict the  number of seeds that our pumpkin is holding. When we cut them open and count the seeds it is a battle to keep them from reaching in, squealing, and then flapping their hands back and forth spewing pumpkin goo on everyone. EVERY year. Sigh.

I thought I would share some of our October Fun with you. Here is a little packet of freebies so you can play along with Pumpkin Day too!

How do you like my pumpkin clipart? Too freaky? Oh well, have a great month with us here at the Primary Peach!!

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