Tuesday, December 1, 2015

12th Day of Winter: 12 Holiday Books

December is HERE!!! My tree is up and decorated, the lights and stockings are hung, and according to Buddy the Elf, I've been spreading Christmas cheer for a good solid two weeks already! :)

My friends and I here at The Primary Peach are so excited to bring you "The 12 Days of Winter" - and whole bunch of ideas, freebies, and holiday fun! We will offer 12 days of resources - the same number resources for the day. For example for the 5th day we will offer 5 free resources! 
The Primary Peach gave to meeeeeee......
Let me be real...I probably have close to 45 Christmas-related books, 20 or so "Holidays Around the World Books," and 25 or so Winter books that I've collected over the years. There's NO WAY, I could only share 12!!! Instead, I've divided the post into Christmas books, Holidays Around the World books, and Winter books. 

I've also created a PDF with the books listed...print, and then check off the ones you already have, or highlight ones you want to get! Easy peasy! Just click on the lists to download :)
These lists are by no means comprehensive, however, I hope they help you grow your read aloud collection, and give you some read aloud inspiration!

Be sure to check back tomorrow when The Primary Peach gives...11 Seasonal Math Activities!!!
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