Tuesday, December 8, 2015

5th day of Winter: 5 ELA Centers {FREEBIES!!!}

I hope you are enjoying our 12 Days of Winter Series and the Freebies and Tips that we have been sharing! Hopefully it is helping you make it through the craziness of December!

We are working through the 12 Days of Winter.  Yesterday, Mandy shared 6 Math Centers. You can read that post here!

Today, the authors here are the Primary Peach are sharing 5 ELA centers!  Are you ready to get your freebie on? Hurry and start downloading away!

AND just for fun, here is a little bonus for you!

 Make sure to come back tomorrow for four MORE Science and Social Studies Ideas!


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  1. Thank you, but the Snowball Toss: Noun and Verb Sort links to a screen shot instead of an activity.

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