Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fresh Start for 2016- Organizing Technology!

Hi there!  It's Amanda here, from Collaboration Cuties!!  I'm excited to bring you a tip to help you organize technology in your classroom!!

Do you ever feel like your technology needs to be a little more organized?  Are you left feeling like there are cords everywhere?  Tablets forgotten to be plugged in?  Or that you just don't have the space to keep everything plugged in and laying out?

Sometimes I feel like this:
Do you?

I was in another teacher's room this year, and I saw a super smart idea.  You know, one of those ideas where you think...why didn't I think of that?  It's so simple, but smart!!

You can use a file folder holder to store your technology!!!
All of those pesky cords are plugged in and there is a powerstrip on the floor!  Now, it's taking up a lot less space!  The laptops JUST fit in this one.  The one that I saw in the classroom I'm stealing this idea from was a wire one and would probably hold up better than my plastic one, but the plastic one still works, and it's CHEAP!!  :O)
These are regular sized iPads and they fit perfectly!!!  And the cords are hardly noticeable!!!

Maybe this idea could work for you?  Maybe it's not a new idea, but just new to me!  :O)  But, I thought it was worth a share!

 I love all of these ideas that have been shared here on The Primary Peach!  If you've missed any, be sure to check this blog!  There's a new tip shared every day in this blog series!

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