Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fresh Start: Organizing Themes Throughout the Year

Hi everyone!  I'm Liz from Polka Dot Firsties and I'm here to share how I organizing different themes  throughout the school year.

When I first started teaching, I didn't do any themes throughout the year.  I was there to teach the curriculum!  Those poor babies, I probably was so not fun! ;)  Luckily they've all made it to high school by now.

During my second year of teaching, Pinterest was starting up and I was happy to score an invitation.  (Anyone else remember those days?)

Check out our Primary Peach boards!

Soon I was quickly overwhelmed with so many different ideas!  My students were way more engaged  in lessons.  I would jump around from bats to spiders to pumpkins and back to spiders and then more pumpkins, etc. in October.  I keep finding more and more....but I was running out of time and space!

First I switched to themed boards on my Pinterest instead of monthly ideas.  It helped me be able to go back to find the resources I needed quickly.

Every month, I use my old school day planner to plan different themed weeks.  Here's a quick snapshot of January's calendar.

Once I've organized my weekly themes, it helps me focus on pulling resources for that specific theme.

I hope this tip helps you manage all of the wonderful teaching ideas out there!  Blogging, TpT, and Pinterest have really changed the way I teach for the better!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for more organizational ideas!