Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Teaching Pot of Gold: Amazing Women

Who is one amazing American woman who has impacted your life?  I'm sure you can think of someone!  This is a question that I always use to start my Amazing Women unit with my students the month of March.  Welcome back to The Primary Peach!  This month, we are diving in and sharing "golden tidbits" of how we engage our students the month of March.

I'm Meghan from Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris and I'm going to share with you a few of my favorite picture books to read during this month to celebrate Women's History Month.   There are so many inspirational and amazing women that it is hard to just pick a few to study.  So to open up my unit, I like to see who the kids can name by themselves.

Then I read A is for Abigail.  You might want to break the book into parts to read, it is a long one, full of information and women.  Using this book, I let each student pick an amazing American woman to research.  We break into groups depending on how the students pick.  (For example First Ladies, Singers, Athletes, Women's Rights Fighters, etc.) This way the students can bounce ideas off of each other and have a group to share their work with.

As the kiddos are busy researching their Amazing Women, I pull my own books and write a few reports about them that I can share.  Students love that while they are working, I am too.  I explain that if I can write 5, they can write one.  There was one year that a sweetheart said, "Mrs. Harris, why don't you just write three instead of being so ambitious."  #blessit After I share my reports, I also read the picture books as well.  I do this so the students will know that there are so many great books in the library about women that they should go and find to read independently.  

So, what amazing American woman has impacted your life?  Comment below with who you would study with your students.  I would love to add to my list!