Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Teaching Pot of Gold: Making Learning Magical

Hello Friends!!! It's Erin from The Elementary Darling. Can you believe March is here? I LOVE March. As I told my fellow Primary Peach authors, it is one of my favorite months. My first graders are really "getting it". We are cruising at this point and they are soaking in all of the fun things that I am teaching.

We also celebrate here in Savannah a little. {ok, a LOT} In my district, we even have the day off! For years, my family and I have gone to the parade, so it is very natural for my students to plan their week around that day. The students think that March and the leprechauns are magical!

So my question for you is, How do you  make learning magical for your students? The theme for this month is: A Teaching Pot of Gold, making learning magical! During the month of March, The Primary Peach authors are sharing ideas, tips, tricks and lessons that we use to make learning magical!

Let's Get Started!

My Students LOVE hands on, inquisitive learning. One of their favorite things is to observe their surroundings. Now that March is here and Spring is on the way, I try to get my students outside and learning! One of my favorite lessons is when we observe ants! The students are fascinated by ants. 

We go out and observe where they live...

We read all about them...

We even look at them under the digital microscope! I print out the picture for the students to keep and they  LOVE IT!!!

We also create this fun Lap book about insects! The students love learning about insects and facts. It makes learning fun, challenging, and meaningful for my students. You can find the lap book here!

Make sure to check back TOMORROW for even more ideas and lessons!

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