Thursday, March 30, 2017

Organizing Your Weekly Copies- Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Paper, paper, and MORE paper. Paper literally takes over my desk! Piles here, piles there, piles EVERYWHERE! Anybody else been stuck trying to find copies you've made for a lesson under millions of piles!?  To help organize the chaos I've tried different ways to keep my weekly copies organized and easily accessible! I wanted to share some ideas that members of The Primary Peach use to help keep our weekly copies organized!

These are from Kristin at School and the City! She just uses drawer storage and labels them with Monday- Friday and the bottom drawer is for copies for the next week! I LOVE how simple and effective these drawers are to organize all her copies!

How FUN are these buckets from Shannon from Bryant's Brain Train!? She has a bucket for each day of the week and they are perfect to hold all her copies!!

Theresa from True Life I'm a Teacher has these GORGEOUS drawers to organize ALL her papers! She's got a drawer for each day of the week, and even has drawers for what she still needs to copy, laminate, and anything that's extra! I just might be ordering these drawers

I used to organize my copies for each day, but then I realized that I was moving papers from drawer to drawer pretty frequently and it got pretty annoying! So, I started organizing my copies by subject!

How do YOU organize your copies for each week!?

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