Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How to Set Up Guided Access on an iPad

Hello Y'all! This is April from Grade School Giggles. Today is Technology Tuesday and I want to share one of my favorite iPad features with you.

Did you know that you can lock a child into a specific app?

You can and it's awesome, especially for those students who like to switch activities on you.
Guided access is the feature that lets you do this. You'll need to set it up, but that's pretty easy. I'll walk you through it.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap on General and then on Accessibility.
3. Tap on Guided Access, which is under Learning.

5. Switch it on & tap on Set Passcode. You'll need to enter a four digit passcode that you will know and your students will not.

6. Finally, switch on Accessibility Shortcut.

Now you are ready to use the guided access feature. When you pull up the app you want to lock your student into click on the home button three times. You'll get the guided access screen. If there are certain sections of the app you want to turn off draw a circle with your finger around the area you want blocked. That part of the screen will not register touch. Then, hit start. 

To exit guided access hit the home button three times again. Enter the passcode and then hit end.

So, have you used guided access before? Do you think it would be helpful? I hope so.