Friday, December 11, 2015

2nd Day of Winter: Two Seasonal Behavior Tips

We hope you have been enjoying all the freebies this month! They've been we're here to help you with something that is very important, making it though to winter break!
Here's a few tips to help you survive the week:

1. Plan, plan, and plan some more. Holiday weeks are crazy. Your little ones are sure to be excited. Over plan and avoid having unfilled time.

2. Keep it fun! The more engaged your students are the less likely they are to get into mischief. This is a great time to pull out some craftivities, project based learning activities, or games. 

3. Bring on the volunteers. Having a few extra hands on deck for class parties, centers, and special projects can really help things run smoother. If you can get a few volunteers to each do one activity, you can easily rotate students through several small group activities.

4. Bump up the reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is always a must, but during the last week before a break it's even more important. Try giving out these "snow bucks" to encourage excellent behavior. 

You can get your copy of "Snow Bucks" here.

5. Finally, be prepared for last minute changes with a few easy to use time fillers. This Sleigh Race game is just right for filling in a little extra time. Just add dice!
We really hope these tips help make your last week fun and everything run smoothly!



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