Monday, May 23, 2016

Finish the Year with a Bang: What I Like about YOU!

I'm closing a chapter with the 2015-2016 school year coming to an end.  I am officially moving out of the elementary school and into an office at the district office for next year.  I've had a hard time for many reasons with this move, but there is SO much to celebrate!  Our theme couldn't be more perfect for me:  Finish the Year with a Bang!

My very first group of students that I taught in both 3rd and 4th grades will be graduating this Friday.   I'm so happy for them and proud of my honor graduates.  

Now that I've teared up, I want to share with you something special that I have done with my students the past five years.  I wish I had started this with my very first group of students 10 years ago.  What I Like About You is a day where I want my students to leave my room with a full heart and knowing how much I love them.  

For each student, I prepare a slip of paper with a fun or sweet memory, tell them what I will miss about them, tell them why they are a great learner, and what I love about them.  I then pull each student aside during the day and talk to them about their card.  I try to also snap a picture of the two of us together to send their parents as well.  

This is one of the best things that I do all year, because they take such pride in their little piece of paper and they walk a little taller the rest of the day.  If you would like to use my template, download it by clicking here.

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