Thursday, May 12, 2016

Organizing for the End of the Year the EASY Way

The end of year can be SUCH a crazy time of year.  It is fun, high energy, and BUSY! I was always looking for any trick to shave time off of paperwork, since there seemed to be so much at this time of year.

An Easy Idea
I have a simple tip to share with you: the End of the Year File.

Nothing fancy. Just a file folder. I kept this file folder in an easy to access spot on my desk or guided reading table.  ANY end of the year paperwork, such as EIP, RTI overviews, end of the year checklists from the administration, ESOL paperwork, and any other acronym under the sun went in the file folder.  This way I had it all corralled.

Whenever I had a spare minute I went through the folder and completed the paperwork.  It also kept me from LOSING any papers in the great End Of The Year Paper Shuffle...called my desk.  Was yours like this too?!??!

Also, to keep things practical, you can write your end of the year to do list DIRECTLY on the front (or inside) of the folder.  This way your to do list does not get lost (am I the only one this has happened to?!) and you can keep easily add to your to do list as papers are added to the file.

Want More Ideas?
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Are there any ideas I missed?  How do you stay organized at the end?


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