Sunday, May 1, 2016

Personalized Student Framed Gifts- Finish the Year with a Bang!

Can you believe we've made it to May?! It's time for warm weather, sunny days, and winding down the school year! Yay!

It's Stacia from Collaboration Cuties, and this month at the Primary Peach, we are sharing activities and tips for Finishing the Year with a Bang! So, please check back all month to find tons of great ideas.

I'm excited to share a fun End of the Year Student Gift Idea with you: Personalized Student Name Frames! This easy and meaningful gift is a perfect keepsake for your students.

Amanda (the other half of Collaboration Cuties) made these for her students last year, and they turned out awesome! There are a few different ways to make these adorable gifts.

First, you need to compile a list of words and phrases to describe each student in your class. You can do this OR you can have your students help you. This is a great activity for the end of the year and the perfect way to promote a positive community in your classroom.

If students are compiling the list, there are many different ways to let them do this. Each student can write their name on a sheet of notebook paper and place it on their desk. Then, have students move around the room adding words and phrases to each student's paper until everyone has added one word to each paper. Depending on time, you can also make this a center and have a paper with each student's name in a binder and students add words as they visit the center. Or, in the younger grades, you can do this as a whole class activity and write the words together. Amanda actually did a St. Patrick's Day activity where students wrote character traits for each student on gold coins, so she was able to use those words for her students. Click here to read about it! It's another fun way to have students come up with words for their classmates.

Next, after you have all of the words you need, use a program like Wordle or Tagxedo to create the name posters. You can customize colors and styles to make it unique for each student.

Finally, print out the name posters and place them in frames. You can get frames at the Dollar Tree for $1 each. You can decorate the frame if you want by adding some stickers or other embellishments.

I hope you and your students enjoy this special end of the year activity!

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Have a wonderful Sunday!