Thursday, July 21, 2016

Back to School Deals at Five Below!

Do you guys have a Five Below in your area?

It is like Dollar General, but a bit nicer, I think. It has several items- TONS of stock in the store.  Everything is $5 or less...hence the Five Below name.

In my experience, some of the items are REALLY good deals, just okay deals, or not a good deal at all.  Just because it is $5 or under doesn't make it a steal.

It is like a Toys R Us for my five year old.  It is seriously her favorite store, which makes me laugh.  We had a garage sale a few weeks ago and she made $3.  It was burning a hole in her pocket, so I told her I would take her to Five Below to spend it. While I was there, I decided to take photos of items that would be perfect in the classroom and then compare prices on Amazon to see if it was a steal, deal, or a miss.

I thought these would be fantastic headphones for a computer or listening to reading center!  Five dollars is a pretty good deal because they look MUCH more sturdy that the Dollar Tree ones!

I actually bought these for my girls!  The quality is great and the puzzles have large pieces!  They are a GREAT deal for only $5!!!

These were beautiful cards!  They could be used in a writing centers because of the photos on the cards.

There were several different categories!  These would be great to hole punch and put on a ring for students to look at!

I love pens.  I horde them.  I need to control myself!  These Ink Joy mini pens were adorable.  

They would be perfect to attach to a lanyard with your badge so you always had a pen! Or attach one to a clipboard!

They would also make a cute (and cheap) gift for teammates.  Put a ribbon around  two or three with a cute phrase like, "Thanks for making our team colorful!" Sweet, thoughtful, and simple!

Mr Sketch is my favorite.  I have a hard time sharing them. Apparently I don't play well with others sometimes.  This was a pretty good deal.  It is hard to find the 8 count packs because most are 12 packs.  There IS a better deal on Amazon right now- a 12 pack for $5.99, but I am not sure how long the price will last.

These little resource books are adorable.  They have academic ones as well as mazes.  I picked up the maze book for my daughter for road trips.  They would be great for inside recess!

I found the same product, with different packing, for the same price.  I am labeling these as a miss, but I still went ahead and bought them because I needed some.  It saved me from using my credit card, so that was worth it to me! LOL!

I love flair pens and LOVED these colors, but the exact same pack was cheaper on Amazon.

This is debatable because I couldn't find the same product.  However, I did find a HUGE pack of round brushes, PERFECT for classroom use for under $12.  I think I would rather avoid the fights and have 30 of the same brushes! LOL!

I have no idea if there are steals, deals, or missed, because I couldn't find anything just like it on Amazon!!

I liked the storage baskets.  They seemed like good quality!! These were a nice size and I loved the colors!

Same as above.   Great colors, nice size!

This may be random.  Okay, it IS random. I thought this laundry basketball game would be so cute for review.  You could hang it on a door or cabinet.  Put students into two teams.  Ask students review questions.  If they got the question correct, they got a point and a chance to shoot a basket for an additional point.  Can't you see your kids loving that for only $5?!?!?

These were workbooks that would be great for summer review or even home school.  Two dollars seemed like a good deal.  This publisher wasn't really available on Amazon.

I actually ran into another teacher by these!  We were both drooling!  These are large dry erase dots.  She was a high school teacher and was going to put it outside her door for notes to students.  My first thought was to put a dot at each seat at your small group table.  Kids could write directly on the dry erase dot to show their thinking! So fun and bright!  I didn't really see anything comparable on Amazon, but $2 each seemed reasonable to me!

Did I get it all?  Did I miss anything?  Do you have any favorites at Five Below?

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