Sunday, July 17, 2016

How to Use Post-Its for Easy Assessments

It’s Jonna from The Primary Life and I’m excited to share an idea that can be used year round. As a kindergarten teacher our assessments are often conducted one-on-one. However, some skills can be evaluated whole group with post-it notes and used as "exit tickets".
 The idea of creating a chart like this came from Simply Kinder. I used butcher paper and blue sticky notes with their student numbers. This made it easy for students to find the spot to put their post-it. After our lesson, students simply filled it out and placed it on their number.

In this example, students were given ten frames that represented an addition problem. Then they wrote the number sentence on a post-it and placed it on the chart.
Before the next assessment, I removed the post-its and placed it in my data notebook. 

Other ideas that you can use for primary students:
Writing numerals to match ten/five frames
Writing first and/or last name
Writing the expanded/standard form of a number
Identifying the beginning letter/sound of a picture

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