Sunday, November 15, 2015

Helpful Harvest: My Storymaker

Welcome back to the Primary Peach and our month-long harvest of great ideas for teachers!

Hi everyone, this is Valerie from Georgia Grown Kiddos.  I am super excited about a great find I get to share with you!!  

Today I have a fantabulous website to share with you to help your students create and enjoy their own online story.  

The site is My Storyline and students create stories by manipulating the characters and story details within the site.  Check out this short video to see it in action.

Isn't that amazing!!  I love how easy it is to add the characters and actions. You can type in the words too.  I think using it as a publishing tool would be super fun.  The kids can go through the writing process and when they are ready to publish, they can type it into the site and publish it when completed!  This would make for a fun and easy Work on Writing station for center time!!

I hope you utilize this awesome and FREE website.  There are tons of other fabulous tips and tricks to come this month in our Helpful Harvest theme this month.  For even more ideas from The Primary Peach, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to catch all the latest news and updates!”

Blessings y'all,