Thursday, November 19, 2015

Helpful Harvest: Using Mini-Anchor Charts!

Hey Y'all! It's Chandra from Teaching with Crayons and Curls! Can you believe that it is only a week until Thanksgiving!? This year is just flying by!

This month we are sharing some helpful tips to use in your classroom, and I immediately thought of one of my new favorite resources that I keep finding myself using in my classroom- mini anchor charts!

I always create anchor charts WITH my students. I use them to introduce and review concepts in Reading, Writing, Math- everything! But, once we take them down they are no longer visible for students to use while they are working. I try to leave them up for as long as I can- or as long as they are needed, but there is just so much to teach that there ends up being an abundance of anchor charts!

So, this year I started creating "mini" anchor charts for my students to glue in their intereactive notebooks.

Aren't these just the cutest? I mean I just love minature versions of everything! 

I always make sure to create the actual anchor chart with my students. Then, I hang it up in our classroom so students can use it as a reference. After we create the anchor chart together, I give my students a mini version of the same anchor chart to glue in their intereactive notebooks. That way, no matter how long the anchor chart is visible in our classroom, students can reference the information!

It makes my teacher heart so happy when I spy one my firsties using their mini anchor charts! 

I have printed these out for units that I've made and units that I've bought- even if they aren't "mini" sized- you can make them work to fit {perfectly} inside interactive notebooks or composition books! I use this setting on my printer All. The. Time. now! Not just for anchor charts, but also for any work that I want students to glue into their interactive notebooks- printing at 85% is the perfect size for composition books!

I also love knowing that these mini-anchor charts are helping my students use different sides of their brains! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post from 4mulaFun all about how using the different sides of the interactive notebook! You've got to do what is best for you and your students. For me, I have my students put their mini anchor charts on the left side and work on the right side. However, sometimes they glue it in the opposite way. They're firsties and I don't complain- whatever works best for them!

Left Side and Right Side of Interactive Notebooks

I hope this was a helpful tip that you can use in your own classroom! Make sure to check back all months for great tips from all the amazing bloggers at the Primary Peach! 

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