Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sweet Treats: A Collection of February Goodies

Gary here. From ScrappyGuy Designs!

Ahh, February. The month for lovers. Lovers of presidents, groundhogs, and each other. The month of stressing out where to take your love for that special dinner (groundhogs don't appreciate caviar, by the way). This month the FEB-ulous peeps at the Primary Peach are gathering in a Love Circle to provide you with some amazing ideas to help you get through the shortest month of the year.

When it comes times to exchange cards and gifts within our little group, I try to give a little back to the earth with a recyclables project. I ask my students to design a Parade Float (think RoseBowl) using old cereal boxes, tissue paper tubes, cookie containers, etc. This will become their Valentine Mailbox. I am always blown away with their creativity as they come flooding in. We also have a contest and award prizes for the Most Colorful, Most Creative, Best use of Recyclables, Overall Winner, etc. The floats are displayed outside the classroom and others are invited to cast their ballots as well. It turns our small exchange of cards into a full out event!
I found this great site that has many, many, many great ideas to show the kids. Just to get their creative juices flowing.
Here are just a few samples:


And as an added bonus I am leaving you a little bit of love.
This link will only be available until the end of February! Be sure to grab it quick.

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