Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sweet Treats: President's Day Journal Prompts

Hey all! It's Tara from and they all fall down with a freebie to help you finish February strong! Seriously - where has this month gone? And... How did I just finish a week off and it doesn't even feel like it? UGH! :) 

I am a HUGE fan of the Epic Rap Battles on youtube - they are not appropriate for use in the classroom, but they are always a good laugh when I am kid free. I wanted to create something to get my kids thinking about the differences in the Presidents.... the times they were in charge of our country.... things they never imagined dealing with....

This is a bit out of the box for my second graders, but it would be interesting for those of you that teach upper elementary and maybe eye-opening for us with our littles too!

SOOOOO.... here is the Epic Battle of Lincoln vs. Washington (in journal form) :) It even includes a ballot for you to hold a mock election in your classroom. Which President would win today? :)

Click on the picture and it will take you to my dropbox! :) Thank you for downloading! 

 If you enjoy these I have journal prompts for nearly every month of the school year....feel free to check those out too! :)