Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sweet Treats: Groundhog Day, Super Bowl and Poetry Treats

Happy Groundhog's Day!

Hi Everyone!  This is Jessica Zannini from Notes from the Portable. I am hoping that winter is almost over and spring is near!  Regardless of the shadow results here are some freebies, and ideas that I hope will make the day a little better.

#1 Groundhog Day Poetry Center 
Need a fun center for Groundhog Day?  Check out this freebie.  Students will learn about Groundhog Day through reading and writing poetry.

#2 Super Bowl Math Word Problems 
This Sunday the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos take the field for the final game of the season.  I know many of your students will be excited.  Take advantage of the excitement and let them solve some Super Bowl Word Problems.

#3 February A Poem Each Week 
And since my sweet tooth is kicking in I have one more sweet treat for you here.  Just click on over and download a free poetry resource to keep your students loving poetry all month!

Writing Teacher Love Letters
Looking for a great bulletin board for the month? Have your students write Teacher Love Letters. Teach or review letter writing with your students.  The goal: write a thank you letter to a teacher telling them why they loved being in their class!  This will put a smile on other teacher's faces and give the kids a chance to show the love.

Want more poetry fun?  Check out this February Poetry Literacy Center.  An entire month of poetry at your fingertips.  Four Original Poems with Task Cards and Choice Boards.  Poems include - I Love the American Saddlebred, Thank You Poem, Vote for Me: A President's Day Poem, and My Heart: A Shape Poem.  Students learn to read and write poetry, practice test strategies, connect to the poem through reader's response and make connections to math, science, and social studies standards.  This months students write alliterations, research voting rights, and much more.  Help your students FALL IN LOVE with poetry!

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