Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sweet Treats: A Collection of February Goodies (FREEBIES) for Valentine's Day

Hi, Everybody! Happy Wednesday! It's Stacia from Collaboration Cuties, and I'm so excited to share some Sweet Treats with you to use with your students for Valentine's Day! Yay!  :)

So, the first Treat is a fun idea for using Valentine's Day candy with your kids! 
I love to incorporate food or candy into Math lessons because it always gets the students so excited! Around Valentine's Day, you can find those little candy hearts everywhere, and they are a great math tool for reviewing fractions and decimals! 
Give each student 10 candy hearts and have them sort them by color. Then they can find fractions of a set for each color. After they find the fractions for each color, you can have them do some addition of fractions. For example, ask how many pink and orange hearts do you have? Since you are always working with a denominator of 10, you can also throw in some decimal review. Have students convert the fractions to decimals and then convert tenths to hundredths!  So many possibilities! 

And now some Valentine's Day Freebies! Just click the images to download them!
New Problem Solving Pack with addition, subtraction, and multiplication word problems!
Great Grammar Practice for Big Kids!
Fun Multiplication Game!

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