Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spring into April: Earth....Be Water Wise

Hey, everyone! Earth Day is just right around the corner and we've been trying to give you some tips on how you and your class can celebrate Earth Day. One of the things I really like to focus on in my room is WATER! Mainly because it is something students can really relate to. We all need water. I love this amazing short video called  I am Water on YouTube that explains just how precious this resource is and why everyone needs to work together to save water. Your students will realize just how lucky they are to have clean drinking water.

Then we read lots of books!

After that, we talk about the practical things we can do at home to help out. Here's a few little resources I use:
Happy Earth Day Friends! We hope you'll be back soon! There are so many exciting things coming on The won't want to miss it.


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