Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring into April: Paper Saving Tips for Earth Day and Every Day!

Happy Spring, Everyone!  It’s Tami from Kamp Kindergarten.  Earth Day is just a few days away.  It is also getting to the point in the school year where supplies are running low and everyone is thinking of ways to stretch their meager store of paper until the end of the year. 

CVC Clip Cards in a Photo Album


I have found task cards to be a great way to save paper.  You do have an initial investment of copy paper or card stock, but once the cards are made, you have them to use year after year.  Many task cards utilize recording pages to provide accountability. I will be offering suggestions to provide accountability that require little or no paper.

A quick and easy way to hold students accountable for task card material is have them record their responses in their journals.  This uses paper that you already have in the classroom without making additional copies.  I also like that you can look back through the journal and note how the learner has progressed through the year. 

CVC Spell the Room Using an Individual Dry Erase Board for Responses

There are ways other than using journals for students to record student responses such as individual dry erase boards, but these are temporary.  If you want to keep a record, you can use a digital camera or your phone to snap a photo of their responses.  These photos can be used in digital portfolios. You will have them to reference when you are assessing student progress, for student/teacher or parent/teacher conferences, making comments for progress reports and report cards, and for data for RTI meetings. 

Pumpkin Seed Add the Room Response Page in a Dry Erase Pocket

You can print one copy of the recording sheet and put it in a dry erase pocket.  Learners use a dry erase marker to record their responses.  You may use a digital camera or the camera on your phone to make a photo of their work before they erase their responses.

Kids at the Beach Subtraction Center Response Page in a Sheet Protector

If you don’t have any dry erase sleeves, you can print one copy of the recording sheet and put it in a regular sheet protector pocket for binders.  Use a clipboard to provide stability. 

Using an Individual Dry Erase Board for Apple Dice Add the Room Responses

When using dry erase methods for recording responses, provide learners with an inexpensive black glove to use as an eraser. Putting on the glove and getting the thumb and fingers in the right space adds a fine motor opportunity to the activity.

Pirate Domino Add the Room Cards in a Photo Album

Many task cards will fit in dollar store photo albums for 4X6 photos.  Add a dry erase marker and you have a quick and easy write and wipe activity.  As an added bonus, learners who are overwhelmed by a large amount of material at once are confronted with only one task at the time before turning the page.

One last tip…

Cutting CVC Spell the Room Cards with a Paper Cutter

This one will not save paper, but it will save time.  If the cards have straight edges instead of irregular shapes, use a paper cutter to cut out the cards.  You will have nice straight edges without hours of eyestrain and tedious cutting.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Be sure to check the Primary Peach for other posts in this series.

Happy Earth Day!