Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring into April--Even More Earth Day Fun!

Hi!  Shannon here from Bryant's Brain Train.  I hope your April is off to an amazing start!  It's time for more spring ideas from your friends over at the Primary Peach...
Jonna shared some excellent Earth Day activities yesterday, so I thought I would build on her great suggestions with a few more of my own!

   These are a some of our favorite classroom read alouds for this month.  April is a great time to focus on Earth Day, renewable resources, recycling, Arbor Day, and the rain forest!
We love field trips, but what about a virtual trip to the rain forest?  This video clip--complete with absolutely amazing images--is a great accompaniment to an April study of plant and animal adaptations, rain forest biomes, and conservation!
Here is a writing activity freebie to enjoy with your little learners...
And an Arbor Day logic freebie...
How about spending a day doing some hands-on, outdoor science?  One of our fun favorites is observing bird nests around our school campus.  Then students are able to construct their own bird nests out of found materials.  Leaves, clay, sticks, grass, pine straw--my students love to use their creativity to construct these models!  Here is a sample pic:
I hope you enjoy the beautiful weather that April offers!  Thanks so much for stopping by, and 
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