Thursday, September 24, 2015

Birthday Post and a Freebie!!!

Hello Hello Friends! It is Erin from The Elementary Darling and it is my BIRTHDAY! 
I wanted to show you how I celebrate birthdays in my classroom and leave you with a birthday gift!

First, I find out when each student's birthday is and we take group pictures for every month. I made this little board to put our monthly birthday pictures on but we haven't taken the pictures yet! It is on my to do list for tomorrow :)

Each student receives a birthday bag filled with these items. Each year varies, but generally I purchase the same things because the kids love them!

Pink and Blue Bags: Michaels
Birthday Certificates: Target
Birthday Bookmarks: Target
Birthday Straws: These are from Target but I also get them at the Dollar Tree
Sparkly Mechanical Pencils: Target
Mini Notepads: Michaels

I also give each student a birthday brag tag! I think this is their favorite part of their birthday! Here is my Brag Tag board.

Are you ready for your birthday present?!?! Here are my birthday Brag Tags for free in my TPT store! Go grab them while you can.