Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sneak a Peek with the Peach: The Elementary Darling

Hey Friends! It's Erin from The Elementary Darling!

Who is back to school? Who is exhausted from back to school? I am finally getting over the exhaustion and getting back into the regular swing of things. I am loving my kiddos and cleaning up my space in my classroom!

Today I am here for our September Sneak a Peek special! Let's take a look into my classroom and visit my Teacher Desk :)

Today I am focusing on my desk area. A LOT happens here. My computer is there,as well as my papers, and binders. I also conference there for writer's workshop, math groups, and daily five. I am not that teacher that can give up her desk. 

This is my computer desk. In here I house the printer, ELMO, math group binder, writer's workshop binder, and Daily five Reading Groups binder.

This is the view behind my desk with my caddies for my groups and other binder organization. #realtalk the trash needs to be taken out! 

This is the view from my chair to the right. I have my brag tag organization, the "graded papers" organization, my Monday-Friday paper organization and where I keep my construction paper and astrobrights paper. 

Front view of my desk and stools for students, my teacher/author's chair, and bookshelf.

What is a favorite part of your classroom? Let me know in the comments!