Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sneak a Peek with a Peach: ScrappyGuy

Hey there, It's Gary (aka ScrappyGuy) again. Thought I'd check in with y'all and share my favorite spot in my classroom. It's kinda weird but my large group meeting area is quickly becoming my favorite spot.

It all started this summer when I was out looking for a rug to fit that spot to have my new class sit with me and create our world together. I found one I could afford at the Goodwill, but was nervous that it would have some residue of its former life still intact. I bit the bullet and paid my $7. I got it home and put it out in the backyard to give it a good cleaning. The saleslady told me that they don't pre-wash them before selling them. Ick.

When I got it into my room and it fit I was pleased as punch. It's not a fun color or dancing with a creative design, it's just plain brown. But I like it. It was the first thing I bought for my new classroom.

I've got my big squishy chair right at the front of the carpet and set up the easel next to it. The easel I hate  loathe. It's old and rickety and isn't completely safe because one of the support beams came undone. I think some hot glue would work, but who has time? I need it though to create class anchor charts.

I used to have command hooks spaced out to hang the charts on, but I could never find that hole-punch when I needed it. I found these great clothespin style command hooks and switched them out. They work perfectly!

I've got a great shelf sitting behind me that someone who needed to relocate left behind. I can store my read alouds on it for quick access. I have a bucket full of Expo, erasers, sticky notes, and regular markers so I don't have to keep searching for them when it comes time to sit down and teach.

I also keep my new procedure addition handy on the shelf. Students have just taken books home in the past willy-nilly and some *GASP* haven't returned. I saw another teacher's binder where they have a check out list for the kids to write down the materials they borrow. Genius!

I know it looks a little busy, but those folders have been passed out and I can display our current read aloud proudly in that spot. My favorite spot looks lived in, right?

Thanks for hanging out with me!