Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sneak a Peak with the Peach: A Primary Owl

Hi, everyone! I'm Deanna from A Primary Owl and I am so excited that my very first post to the Peach is going to be sharing my room with you! I did a huge reno this summer (can you tell I watch a lot of HGTV?) Anyway I did make a bunch of changes this summer.......I took every piece of furniture home with me and painted it black. What a huge, messy job! I also changed all my colors to brights with chalkboard. I'm kinda known for loving owls, so I still kept a lot of my owls incorporated too. I can't give up all the cute ones the kids have given me over the years.

So without wasting any more time, here goes!

It looks like I have very few books in this picture, at the moment I think they are all stuffed in their book boxes. 

This is where I put my computer and document camera. This past summer, my daddy made me this taller desk to sit/stand at while I use the doc camera and computer with the class. Love it! (Before I was using an AV cart.)
Our bulletin board for Mentor Sentences....I pick 4 or 5 sentences to display each week. One of my listening centers is below this bulletin board.
The last picture shows my Writing Center and the back wall. On the back wall I have a tall bookshelf with our book boxes. The other picture is of our "Jump Start" activities. These are activities and games that the students can do after Morning Work. I have decreased the amount of Morning Work this year and tried to make this time more meaningful by giving students task cards, dice games and activities they can do on white boards. So they can get a "Jump Start" on their day!

I hope you enjoyed your tour! Come back tomorrow to see another Peachy Room.