Friday, September 4, 2015

Sneak a Peek with a Peach: The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher

Hey y'all! It's Lacey from The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher :) I'm here to let you sneak a peek into my classroom!

I'm not sure if you've started back to school yet, but I'm one of the lucky ones who hasn't! I actually started back this week for pre-planning, and my students return Tuesday, September 8. We had Meet the Teacher Night on Thursday, and I got to meet all but 3 of my students. I'm very excited, and I think it's going to be a great year!

So, here goes nothing! Welcome to my 3rd grade classroom!

I LOOOOOOOOVE our classroom library area...I think it's important to have cozy places for the students to read!

Ignore the papers that are already stacked on my desk...

My friend cut out the vinyl "I CAN" letters for me - I love how they turned out!

This is my Lunch Count and attendance in one! It's so easy to take a quick glance to see who isn't in class each morning. The colored strips are Velcro strips, and I put a Velcro dot on the back of each student's star. I write the lunch choices on the blank cards each day (actually, I train a student to do this!), and students make their lunch choice first thing when they walk in the door every morning.

This is where we will keep the most-used supplies. I am hoping to teach my students some independence by allowing them to grab what they need when they run out!
The header isn't up yet - it will be tomorrow! :)
Here's my tip: Have your students sort their supplies when they bring them in! It will go much quicker, and be easier on YOU :)
I hope you enjoyed peeking into my classroom! Be sure to check back throughout the rest of the month for more fun from the Peaches!!