Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sneak a Peak With A Peach: Kreative in Kindergarten

Hello everyone!! I am Robyn from Kreative in Kindergarten and I am super excited to be joining The Primary Peach!! Today I am going to share my classroom reveal! 

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I am currently a first grade teacher and I teach all subject areas (with Math being my FAVORITE!).  This year I have 18 sweeties and we just finished day 20!  My room is no longer squeaky clean.  It is now full of anchor charts, books, math games, and school supplies!

So here we go!

This is the kid’s coat rack and above it I have our writing/ELA and Science/S.S. bulletin board.


Currently we are learning all about American Heroes and Weather.


In Writing we are writing narrative pieces and focusing on small moments.


Directly beside this is my small group meeting area.  Behind the table is all of my word work goodies on the rolling chart stand.  I also display some student work with ribbon on my cabinet doors.



In this picture you can see more of my word work area.  I simply roll the chart stand to the rug during Daily 5.  I also have a pocket chart for making words.  This is by far my favorite time of the day!

This is the front of the room.  It has a lot going on!  There is a SMART Board, rug for whole group meetings, and…

all of my teaching goodies for the day!  I use this small table to hold all of my games, manipulatives, making words letters, and worksheets.  Above you can see the calendar, team points, and number of the day.

Then I have a big book stand that holds our current anchor chart and book.  You can also see our Reading bulletin board with good ole’ Common Cat and Proper Pete!


I just switched out all of my beginning of the year books to Fall books.  Don’t you just love Fall books!!?  You can also see our Math board.  We are currently working on data and numbers in base ten.

This area houses our three student computers and I-pad.  The pink basket holds the I-pad and all Listen to Reading goodies.


To the right is my desk and this shows the back of the classroom.


This is Work on Writing area.


Word Wall is on the back of a closet door and beside that is Read to Self.


This book shelf holds some of the books for my students to read.  We also have a large book room at our school where I get most of the books from when needed.  To the right is a bookshelf for Math Tubs and math manipulatives.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my classroom.  I am very proud of it and I love knowing that my students are in a fun and exciting environment. 

Make sure to check back to see more awesome classroom tours through the month of September!

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