Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sneak Peek with a Peach Georgia Grown Kiddos

Hi y'all!  This is Valerie from Georgia Grown Kiddos.  Today I am sharing all about my favorite place in my classroom.  My SNEAK A PEAK WITH A PEACH is a bucket filling, spirit lifting, lesson planning time buster.  And what's best of all, you can easily implement it in your classroom!

There are years that are filled with so many memories and fun times that it is hard to recall all the details.  But for one group of kids, now high school graduates, the 2 years I was privileged to teach them were my absolute favorite.   I was in the "academic cottage" with them one year, so finding a favorite part of the room was hard.  We barely had enough room to get around.  There were 26 fourth graders and myself in this so-called classroom, and every day, every single day, my favorite part of the room was in the middle of the children.  It could have been the old wet floor, sharing work on the brown burlap looking walls, or the squeaky door we all tried to cram into when the rain feel like buckets dumping on our heads.  Wherever they were, there was my favorite place to be. I still get teary-eyed when I think of all of them.  I truly miss them, all of them, but that is for another day and another post on my blog.

Georgia Grown Kiddos peach jpeg

Today and all this month the Primary Peach will share little peeks into our rooms, a show and tell of our favorite spaces.  My favorite physical space in my classroom was my "Wall of Love".  I had one in every classroom, right next to my desk.  It was filled with love notes and photos, stickers and "treasures" only a primary school child could find and make.  Having a place to display the children's notes and treasures made me smile on hard days, and the children were always proud when I hung up their notes and photos.  Here is what my last wall of love looked like.
Wall of Love Georgia Grown Kiddos

Now I am sure you can think of a million other things to display and use in your room like my word wall below.  It was easy to change and add to since it was on my whiteboard.


And a place for sight words is always a plus.  I chose a unique way of displaying them, but I don't think the Fire marshall was happy with my decor choice. 

Info that is required, interactive spaces, and anchor charts are needed, but when you display a note from a child, one that is filled with love, it will boost your spirit and their's too. What type of wall of love do you have?  Do you keep them after you have run out of space? What is your most memorable love note or gift from a child?  Inspire and encourage others by leaving a comment below.  Until next time, you can find me on the porch with a sweet tea!

Come back tomorrow for And They All Fall Down's post about her favorite space in her room.  You're going to just love her!!
and they all fall down