Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sneak a Peek with a Peach {and they all fall down}

Hey friends! 

I'm Tara from and they all fall down. 
Thank you for joining me for my 'peek'. 

I hope your year is off to an amazing start! Mine is...... Interesting! :) 
This is my 14th year teaching, most of my time was spent in first grade, three years in ESOL, and this is my third year in second grade. I have 21 kiddos - only 9 boys - can we talk about girl overload? OY! They are a SUPER sweet group - but MAN... can they TALK! I will be searching for creative ideas to handle that soon. :) 

The chevron rug is our meeting space - I read stories - we discuss - we map  - we KWL - we chant - we dance - we work on the smart board...

This is my large bulletin board - It will be turned into anchor chart space as we move through the year. My groups are on the suitcases in case my smart board goes out - or for easy reference throughout the day. 

The rest of the LARGE bulletin board and my crepe paper crinkle border. 
(Can you tell I ran out of border?) 
Also - this area was a HUGE eyesore when I moved into the room. 
The wall was all discolored and I didn't have time to paint. 
My friend suggested we cover it.... great... with what? 
Wrapping paper and border. 
Yep. That's it. 

You guessed it - more wrapping paper. 
My goal for this year is to cover the cabinets like I did in the picture below. They are all the same color - but I really wanted to make it more cohesive without painting - so wrapping paper and bulletin board paper it was! 
My coffee pot (that I brew tea in) and my Heidi Swapp marque letters from Michaels. They have black polka dot tape on the outside to match my wrapping paper. :) 

This is where I post my standards for the week. 
I also have a little wall of love like Valerie talked about yesterday. 

 And this friends, 
is what Friday at 3:15 looks like.... A MESS. 
No Judging. This is a judge free zone - got it? 
The bins behind my kidney table are labeled for each subject and I stash my papers and copies in there for the week. I HAD a close up of this... but.... yeah... :/

Here are my poms and poofs from T.J. Maxx and Hobby Lobby. 
I stacked them to make it look a little different than the other classrooms. 

This is my favorite area in my classroom. It's our small classroom library. 
The kids love the bungee chairs and the body pillows. 
Heck - so do I! :) 
The bin in the center has books for the themes we are working on in science or social studies. 
I do keep the overhead lights off most of the day but keep lots of lamps around the room for the kids and I. I get horrible headaches and it helps me when it's a little dim in the room. I do get a lot of natural light from my emergency door and window in our reading nook though! 

Thanks for taking a peek into my room today! It's not perfect - I have a LONG way to go, but the kids enjoy it and so do I. I hope you did as well! :)