Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sneak a Peek with a Peach: First Grade Fairytales

Hi Friends!
          It's Kelly from First Grade Fairytales, and I'm here to take you on a tour of my classroom.  Before we get started, let me say that I love looking at everyone's rooms and I'm a firm believer that your classroom should be a representation of you and your kids.  That does not mean it has to be super cute, or perfectly neat all the just needs to be YOU!

         So, here we go..... Welcome to my classroom!!
 This space is definitely me....good, bad and ugly! :)
I like my kids to know exactly where to find AND where to put their things.  My cubbies for supplies and manipulatives keep everything organized, and reduces all the first grade questions. You know the ones....

Two of the best "Pinterest ideas" I've implemented in my classroom- having kids highlight their names before turning in their papers and using hand sanitizer as bathroom passes. Love, love, love!

View from the front door!

Lunch choice table.  I printed pictures of our weekly lunch choices onto magnetic paper & change them out each day. The kids put their sticks in the right can, and it takes no time at all!  Winning! The walls in my room are ALL white board & magnetic so that is pretty awesome. :)
Front of the room.  This is real life, folks...messy handwriting & all! haha!

Book Center! I love giving the kids a cozy space to read and work with their peers.  
I used to have a frog theme in my room so I got the Ikea leaf. I've grown attached to it over the years, so even when the frogs left, I kept the leaf :)

Join me on the carpet!!  

Umm.... way too much stuff.  I have no excuses really. I told you I was keeping it real here :)

Our behavior board.  Not in use, thankfully!

 Standards Board *I Can Central* & our centers shelves!
I store all of our weekly centers in the boxes on the right, and extra supplies and more "stuff" in the black bins.  

My desk, mess & all !!
I got rid of my traditional desk a few years ago, and have never looked back.

 I have shelves and baskets just full of STUFF! Paperwork, copies to be made, things to be filed, centers to put out/put up, books to use for reading groups, meetings binder, data binder, etc... 
I've streamlined, I promise, and I still have this much...TOO MUCH..stuff.

It may not be super neat, but it's the best I can do! haha!
And last, back at our front door and our writing center!
I love these little stools from Ikea - they just make my heart happy!

So that's it, y'all! My first grade classroom- messy paper, bad handwriting, overflowing bins of stuff and all! 
Thanks for stopping by & taking the tour!  

Come back everyday to see more Peachy Classrooms!!!