Monday, September 7, 2015

Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris - Classroom/Office

How much fun have you had visiting lots of Georgia based classrooms and peachy spaces?  I'm Meghan from Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris and I am going to let you "Sneak a Peek with a Peach" into my classroom/office area.  This is a space that I designed and my husband created (IKEA helped) for my children and myself.  It is an after school classroom and Teachers Pay Teachers office for myself.

DSC_0484 When you walk in my office, you are immediately greeted by a repurposed chandelier that I found at a thrift store.  I wanted my office to be very modern, clean and refreshing.
  Slide1The left wall of my office is where everything is stored in cabinets and compartments.  I have additional wall lighting and storage as well.  My photo tent is usually on the counter tops too.  Notice how far apart the two desk areas are?  Anyone else have boys?  If so, you get it!  #boysneedspace #wrestlingintheoffice
  Slide4I take a lot of my Pinterest images using the tent.  The additional wall lighting helps brighten up the images.  My camera stand holds both my DSLR camera and my iPhone for quick images.
  Slide3 The right wall of my office stores almost all of my centers.  Since I moved out of my classroom this year and into an office space for next year, most of my materials had to come home.  I organize all of my centers in the boxes by subject and skill.  As my children are working on specific skills or standards, I can pull a box and give them additional practice to enrich what they are learning in the classroom.

 My desk space is actually a table and desk combo that really works for me.  I love the clean look of the table, but I also needed the standard drawer storage of a desk.  I recently added a large TV screen so that I can mirror my laptop screen and have two different desktops running off the same computer. I love it!

Here's what my desk looks like with the two screens up and running.

DSC_0495The wall art above my printer really inspires me.  I used clipboards so that I can change out the inspirational sayings and quotes from time to time.  There are a ton of free printables online!  I just search, print, and hang.
  Slide2The back wall of my office needs a little help. I plan on ordering more canvas photos and making the entire wall pictures of my family.  Right now I have a start of 4 pictures.  The table is used for crafting and anything mess that my boys decided to get into while they are working.  They paint here and play with sensory sand.

DSC_0487The containers are the perfect size for organizing my supplies.  Can you tell someone was playing in my markers before I snapped this pic?  #kidsruinorganization #cantheynotjustputitback

Thanks for checking out my space and I hope you come back and take a look at all the other peachy spaces as well!